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Mother’s Day 2019 is coming soon on May 12 and a great gift to give your mother a little bit of healing is a crystal. Countless people swear by crystals, to help reduce anxiety and stress, as a ritual, and to help with overall health and wellness.

Used for thousands of years, evidently, there are a lot of different crystal types out there. Sure, crystal lovers have the opportunity to purchase multiples but anyone only buying a single crystal, they might not know what’s right. Let’s keep it simple! Here are the top 7 crystals excellent for Mother’s Day gifting.


Amethyst is a violet stone which can help a person relieve themselves of unhealthy attachments. Using amethyst, the crystal healing power will work to remove negative or addictive patterns. Amethyst is also believed to have protective abilities, for a person holding it.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is associated with healing romance and heartbreak, opens up the heart to forgiveness, and allows a person to find new love – whether that’s self-love, universal love, family love, or romantic love.

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Clear quartz

Clear quartz is the most abundant on our planet, can amplify the effects of other crystals, and clears stagnant energy. All a person with crystal quartz needs to do is to hold the stone and concentrate on the desired outcome they want.


Citrine is bright orange sunshine and is a focused light that will motivate, inspire, and spark ambition. Citrine’s also a classic crystal healing stone used for prosperity, luck, and generosity. Commonly used in workspaces, citrine can keep creativity and productivity flowing.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli has gold and white specks, and comes in a vivid blue. Lapis lazuli is a healing stone of action, commonly used to accept responsibility, be more accountable, and to release one’s self from past and histories which could be holding us back.

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Turquoise is a bright blue and/or green stone, used throughout ancient history by indigenous cultures, royalty, and more. Turquoise has long been believed to be sacred, protective, and healing. Indigenous cultures believe it to be a representation of earth consciousness, and the general public wears it today to signify awareness and respect of nature.


Fluorite is associated with focus, clear thinking, and inspiration. Fluorite’s believed to be a stone which can also reduce inflammation in the body and mind, clear mental fog and disorganization, and help with overall productivity.



These are 7 of our favourite crystals. This Mother’s Day, don’t go without a gift. Browse crystal healing stones like these and others at Not only do they look great but they can be a nice way to show someone you understand their experience, what they’re going through, and want to support them through it. Shop today.

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