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Beginning July 18, Lierre is offering deep discounts on select home and wellness items, including jade crystal facial rollers.

Are you looking for a simple way to improve the look of your skin and give yourself a look of rejuvenation? Jade facial rollers are a welcome addition to anyone’s daily facial care routine. Lifestyle bloggers, Instagram influencers, the Kardashians, and many others rave about facial rollers. Crystals like jade, rose quartz, and amethyst are trending on social media, add to that. Ancient in practice, facial rollers help to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, and return a sense of youthfulness to the skin.

Do Jade facial rollers really work?

Jade facial rollers can go for a lot. This July, you don’t need to pay any more than you need to for a high quality jade crystal roller. This is on a once-a-year anniversary sale. Alongside acupuncture supplies, silicone cupping sets, and more, we’re taking care of Canadians far and wide. Facial rollers are particularly attractive to those looking at getting into more Chinese alternative medicine. They’re small, helpful, and carry no risk. They also look absolutely gorgeous on anyone’s bathroom counter.

So what do facial rollers do? Before you visit us on our Lierre Anniversary Sale, let’s get to know a little bit about jade and its power in a facial roller. Used daily, a facial roller is applied like a paintbrush over the skin. It helps to reduce appearances of puffiness and helps to improve skin elasticity. It’s very similar to a facial massage except it feels a lot more welcoming on the skin. Rolling it across your face, it can help to smooth out various problematic conditions, open the pores, stimulate lymphatic drainage, tone facial muscles, and reduce inflammation.

What do jade face rollers do?

Using a facial roller, you’ll notice it’s a well-balanced tool that’s nice, heavy, and there are numerous online tutorials to show you various tips and techniques on how to maximize its use. Applying a moisturizer or similar facial oil, a roller like this can also get the hydration deeper into the skin. Jade rollers feel very calming and lovely on the skin, across the muscles and skin. If you’ve never used them on the skin, the Lierre Anniversary Sale is an opportune time to grab a roller for your skin.

If you’re looking to buy a facial roller in Canada, Lierre is certainly where it’s at. If jade is not spectacular enough for your taste, there’s also rose quartz, green aventurine, amethyst, opal, clear squartz, and other gemstones to pull from. On sale for July only, the prices haven’t been lower. Buy yours today from

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