Gua sha cellulite

Cellulite is a tough skin condition to fight off, as it’s fat deposits pushing their way through connective tissue beneath the skin. There are massage tools, anti-cellulite creams, and even diet and exercise which people try, and yet so little of it works to actually get rid of cellulite.

Jade ying yang gua sha tool lierre

In order to understand how to improve the appearance of cellulite, its cause is important. For some, stress hormones can play a role in producing cellulite. For example, stress creates inflammation and heat, leading to weight gain and putting more physical stress on the body. Chronic inflammation comes with all sorts of health complications like insulin resistance, leptin resistance, and more. Then, there’s reduced circulation which can cause cellulite. Bodies which have less blood supply and lower level of hydration can increase the likelihood of cellulite developing. The bottom line here is that there’s a lot which can go into creating cellulite but thankfully, gua sha is one tool that can help a ton in reducing it.

Gua sha therapy is an East Asian healing therapy, having been practiced for thousands of years. Gua sha’s been shown in studies to increase micro-circulation in some individuals by as much as 400 percent, is known to increase immunity, and can also clear inflammation. When combined with diet and exercise, gua sha is near impossible to stop. You’ll be reducing body fat while treating cellulite appearance. How gua sha works is using a round-edged tool – usually made from jade or metal – to gently stroke the skin until redness appears. ‘gua’ actually means to rub, while ‘sha’ is the redness that comes from it. Numerous studies have shown gua sha to help disperse toxins through increase circulation, while assisting the lymphatic and immune systems function.

While massage is a great way to break down fat deposits in the skin, gua sha for cellulite is a method of increasing blood flow. As this happens, lymphatic drainage kicks in, the skin becomes firmer as stagnant fluid is broken down and exited, and fresh nutritious blood is brought to these areas. Gua sha d regularly can smooth and firm skin that you may have once thought to be hopeless. Fat breaks down and connective tissue is stretched. Digestion can improve, as well as liver and gallbladder function. Needless to say, there are several health benefits to gua sha that aren’t just going to take care of existing cellulite but which will act as a preventative as well.

When one comes to decide to buy a gua sha tool, you may be surprised at how well it works against cellulite. Just remember to start gently, use about eight strokes which should be enough to bring up a red flush, and go slow. The results can be both healing and satisfying!

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