Crystal Water Bottles 2019

Crystal healing isn’t just pseudo-science or the next trend for Instagram yogis to grip on. Crystal healing has caught on in a big way in 2019 and is as much a healing therapy as it is a status symbol.

Status symbols usually rise up based off who’s using them. In this case, the long list of names includes everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Adele. Although some will put crystals throughout their homes to set an atmosphere, it’s crystal water bottles which are easily the most popular method of using them.

Crystal bottles involve putting a crystal in the center of a glass water bottle, anchoring it to the base. Then, the user fills it with water and as the water soaks around the crystal, the energies embodied in the crystal infuse the water. Now there are all sorts of crystal bottles available, including clear quartz to increase energy, rose quartz to boost creativity, carnelian crystal to increase female fertility, and more.

For people unfamiliar with the history of crystal healing and the ability of gemstones to communicate energy, it might seem a little farfetched but in the lives of many, it’s making a difference. Celebrities, Instagram influencers, and some of the world’s most beautiful people absolutely adore their crystal elixir water bottles. They’re using it to cure stage fright, to open themselves up to the universe around them, and to relax. Since 2017, crystal healing has been getting more and more popular, and we certainly understand why.

There are people that will swear to the benefits of crystal healing and crystal water bottles. The ways in which the energy can transfer from crystal to water has helped thousands of people overcome circumstances and achieve for themselves the sort of life they wanted. A crystal elixir water bottle adds value, looks cool, and they’re being carried by some of the coolest people on the planet. There’s no reason not to give it a try.

If you feel like there’s something ‘off’, crystal healing therapy might be your way to figuring it out. There’s no sign crystal water bottles are falling out of favor and they continue to be a praised status symbol.

All that’s left is to choose your crystal. Rose quartz is the ‘love stone’ with strong vibrations of unconditional love, joy, and emotional healing. Clear quartz is a basic clarification crystal, restoring and strengthening the balance in your life. Amethyst is a stone of stress relief, anxiety reduction, and for warding off negative energies in one’s life. Black obsidian is a crystal of self-love, purity, and transformation, acting as a sort of protection against all things negative. These are just some of the top crystals used in crystal healing water bottles, each suitable for different people.

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