Does Cupping Really Work? Let’s See what the Studies Say
Have you thought about trying cupping – you’re not alone. Millions of North Americans have expressed an interest. Cupping therapy uses cups to suction and, similar to a massage pressing down, cupping does the opposite and pulls muscles away from the body. People who use cupping do so out of hopes it will improve health and immunity, detoxify, and relaxes the muscles. It’s also used frequently for pain relief. Nevertheless, cupping is a controversial subject with many researchers suggesting there are no benefits. That said, evidence suggests cupping does have some merit on a number of conditions. Cupping therapy comes with a lot of anecdotes, particularly among those suffering with chronic pain. Whether you’re suffering in your shoulders, upper back, lower back, or in the hips, cupping’s been argued as being as effective as chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massages, and corrective exercises. Cupping has been shown to improve muscle recovery and overall fitness performance which is why it has been used by several Olympic athletes including gold-medal award winner Michael Phelps. In the last decade, it’s also grown to be used by Hollywood celebrities and Instagram influencers. Cupping to cure a cold has even been argued, with some reporting it’s helped to resolve coughing, clear phlegm, and help with their respiration. Ultimately, when we’re looking at if cupping works or not, what we are examining is the evidence. There has not been a lot of academic studies produced examining cupping unfortunately although more are being produced every year. The ones that have been produced suggest benefits for muscle pain, tightness, soreness, and assistance in speeding up post-workout recovery. The great thing about cupping is that it is safe, does not appear to have any side effects or risks, and has helped some people achieve relief in several ways. One area where there is dispute on whether cupping works is when it comes to detoxification. Numerous people swear it helps and some scientists completely disagree. In essence, it’s difficult to say whether cupping will work for any given individual or not. Cupping therapy in Montreal is available from for those who are interested in giving it a try to see if it works for you. There’s also several cupping therapy supplies you can purchase online which allows anyone to perform it from home. Cupping therapy has a lot to offer and has helped thousands of Canadians. No matter what’s proven in cupping academic studies and however believers or critics want to dispute or contextualize it, cupping therapy has its place as a possible treatment for helping Canadians who are in pain, suffering from a chronic illness, who want to detoxify, or who simply want to achieve a better health.
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