Ease the Aches and Pains of your Back and Shoulders with Cupping
Pain relief can be tough to find, sometimes involves dangerous prescription medications, and is oftentimes expensive. If you want pain relief that is affordable and safe, silicone cupping sets provide immediate relief allowing tight, tense muscles in the back and shoulders to release and heal. Cupping is akin to massage therapy. In a massage, a therapist presses down on the muscle as a means of release. In cupping, suction is applied to lift the muscle upwards in the opposite direction. This works by creating pressure, pushing out fluid and metabolic waste, and allowing fresh blood to rush in from the body’s natural circulatory system. If you have aches and pains, this is one way to help provide relief in the moment while also engaging the healing powers contained in our own bodies. The underlying connective tissue is lifted. As the new blood comes into the muscle, it brings with it the ability to refresh the body. Cupping can involve glass, ceramic, bamboo, or plastic cups however it’s silicone cupping sets which are most convenient for at-home use as they require no suction pump. Silicone cups can simply be used with the hands to create section. There are any different cupping techniques targeting back pain and shoulder pain. Depending on how advanced your practitioner is and where your problem areas are, different techniques may be suggested. If you’re struggling, the best thing is to have an honest conversation about what the origin of the pain is and how you might be able to remedy it. Every day, Canadians struggle with a stiff back. Sometimes it’s from a workplace injury or it simply comes from the daily grind of physical work. Cupping gets blood flowing through the back, releases those muscles, and helps to give some life to these areas of the body. Circulation can really make a person feel alive, whether you’re dealing with the shoulders, back, or neck. Add massage and cupping’s the perfect treatment to create space in the body to let it heal. Contracted muscles hurt. Suction breaks that up, breaks up scar tissue, and breaks up the tightness. Going for a deep tissue massage, you’ll feel pressure applied to the whole of your body. As a massage therapist presses down, the whole body moves. Suction applied upwards focuses on a single location. It’s an incredible feeling to have these muscles lifted with no other pressure. There’s been much research connecting cupping to pain relief particularly as it applies to the back. Purchase your own silicone cupping sets from Lierre.ca and see what other Canadians are raving about. It may help reduce your pain and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you feel, even after a single treatment. Shop Lierre.ca today.
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