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Small silicone cups can be used to gently pull up the skin and relieve tensions held in facial muscles. Though primarily used as massage tools, they can be great complements to aculifting practices. Relaxing facial muscles helps prevent wrinkles. The facial silicone cuppings are particularly great because they can be used by people with sensitive skin.

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Plastic cupping set can also be used for facial massage. Our most popular model has a small rubber bulb attached to its base, making it easy to manipulate and providing strong tension, as well as an easily adjustable degree of suction. You can use it for the parts of your facial massage that require the most intensity; we sell this as a part of our facial massage silicone cupping set.  


For an exfoliating facial massage, consider pairing silicone cups with a brush. Our facial massage silicone cupping set comes with a soft silicone brush that can gently dislodge dirt and imperfections from pores. Brushing the face then makes the skin feel noticeably smoother, and gives it a radiant glow. Combining a brush with our silicone cups, then, allows you to improve both the texture and the overall look of the skin. Extremely durable, these accessories don’t require any products, and therefore can help you break out of an endless product cycle.     If you are interested in facial cupping sets, you can visit our website for more facial massage products. Lierre offers the best quality acupuncture needlesmassage tablesmassage accessoriesclinic supplies,  personal care productsmassage supplies, and more at great prices. You can find out more great products at

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