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Lierre offers only the finest quality of organic, fair trade essential oils from the Divine Essence lines. Our essential oils are selected for their therapeutic qualities as well as their outstanding scents, and we aim to accomodate massotherapists and aromatherapy enthusiasts alike.These oils can be diffused, poured into a foaming bath, integrated into a wide variety of skin care and massage products, and even mixed into wax to create scented candles – the possibilities are inexhaustible! We provide wonderful floral scents that are particularly suited for relaxation, such as our selection of lavender essential oils and our gorgeous ylang ylang, jasmine and rose oils. We also stock citrus scents that are sure to perk you up, and a magical set of arboreal scents, which can both purify the air and relieve congestion. You’ll just love our carefully crafted essential oil blends, which create a delightful balance between the harmony of their scents and their complementary therapeutic purposes. Our organic, fair trade essential oils are produced by Union Nature, a company that continues to innovate in the importation, manufacturing and distribution of aromatic products. In 2000, UNION NATURE was the first company in North America to receive an organic certification from ECOCERT.
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