Essential Oils for Beauty and Relaxation
One of the oldest truths is that everyone looks their best when they’re feeling good! We’ve created a recipe for an amazing blend of oils that will nourish, hydrate, balance and smooth your skin – and let you relax deeply. This blend is great for a standard facial massage, but it’s especially effective when integrated into a cupping and brushing routine.   Jojoba Organic Beauty Oil 30ml Jojoba beauty oil is known for its ability to smooth the skin, and for its ability to balance out oils – especially for acne prone and or oily skin. Because it has a similar consistency to sebu  m, it can restore the skin’s protective barrier, while also nourishing it. Its balanced PH level means that it’s extremely gentle on the skin. Jojoba is therefore the ultimate carrier oil for other skincare oils, since it facilitates absorption, lessens essential oils’ abrasive qualities, and complements them perfectly. Rosehip Organic Beauty Oil 30ml       Rosehip beauty oil nourishes, balances, hydrates and smoothes the skin. It has antioxidant properties, which have an anti-aging effect. Rosehip oil can help reverse signs of aging, and protect the skin from light induced damage. It pairs very well with jojoba for this reason; both oils have different beneficial effects.   Frankincense (India) Organic Essential Oil 5ml   Indian frankincense essential oil has a delightful and calming  aroma, as well as relaxing properties. Mixed with rosehip and jojoba, it can help relieve facial tensions.   Cedarwood-Atlas Organic Essential Oil 15ml Cedarwood essential oil is exceptionally good at relieving minor skin conditions, and can therefore help relieve different dermatological problems, and smooth and tone the skin. Its aroma pairs well with frankincense! As it is too powerful to be used on the skin directly, it is at its most effective in a blend.
Organic essential oils

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