What Vitamins to Take to Improve My Personal Health Situation?

What Are Your Health Goals?

There are literally hundreds of vitamins and supplements out there for anyone to take. They’re available in all sorts of sizes and formulations, sometimes targeting specific conditions such as arthritis or digestion and at other times with seemingly abstract names like Ashwagandha. Understanding how to choose vitamins comes down to your personal health situation.

A vitamin is like medicine. There is a toxicity point. There are certain people who shouldn’t be taking certain vitamins and they may experience side effects. There are also people who don’t need the vitamins. Start by looking at your health goals, understanding what they are and creating a plan that targets those specific goals in a big way.

What Are Your Vitamin Deficiencies?

The next thing to look at is where you have vitamin deficiencies. You may want to get blood test done to look at your levels. You certainly don’t need to take vitamins for things you already maximize on. With or without side effects, it’ll be a waste of money to take vitamins you don’t need. Look at where you’re lacking and be ready to top those off.

What Does the Research Say?

Some vitamins are very safe to take, like omega-3 fish oil or a B-complex. Then, there are other vitamins that can have drawbacks for certain people. Do your research into any vitamins you’re buying. Ensure you have the dosage right. Look at the pros and cons of a vitamin, and look at alternatives. You want to ensure what you’re taking is safe.

Are You Paying Attention to How You Feel?

How you feel is going to guide a lot. Most vitamins take 4-6 weeks to work. That said, if you feel uncomfortable taking a vitamin or it’s causing discomfort anywhere – such as digestion – stop taking that vitamin immediately. The dosage may be too high or it might be the wrong vitamin for you. You’ve got to listen to your body.

Start Slowly. Work Up Two Weeks At A Time.

With vitamins, you may decide you want 4-5 supplements or more. Start slowly. Add 1 vitamin and wait two weeks. If you feel alright and there aren’t any major side effects, move onto another vitamin. Repeat this pattern until you’re up to the dosage you want and the amount of supplements you feel like you need.

Inform Your Family Physician

The last part of how to choose vitamins is to make sure your family doctor knows what you’re taking. Certain vitamins interact with certain medications. It’s also not a bad idea to get some blood testing done a few months after starting a vitamin regimen to check your levels and make sure your levels are not spiking anywhere or that anything weird isn’t happening.

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