How to Use A Reusable Silicone Mixing Bowl

Reusable Silicone Mixing Bowl

Silicone has proven to be one of the most consumer-friendly and eco-friendly food and kitchen materials in use. From silicone spatulas and baking mats to reusable silicone bags and silicone bowls, there is a lot to choose from.

If you don’t have a lot of silicone mixing bowl yet in your kitchen, fridge, or dining room, try some reusable silicone bowls and bags. It’s a fine place to start, helping with food storage, food packing, cleaning dishes, and even cooking.

Silicone is a reusable, eco-friendly way to keep food fresh and easily packed. Here are a few things to remember about silicone bowls and bags.

Safe To Withstand High Temperatures

You can safely use food-grade silicone in high heat environment, just like you can storing food inside the freezer. This is where plastic wrap doesn’t even compare.

Take a reusable silicone bowl as an example. Let’s say you put in mashed potatoes to store in the fridge. You can take this bowl out and safely use it in the microwave or even put it in your oven. Silicone bowls and bags are safe at any temperature between -100 Fahrenheit and 450 Fahrenheit.

They Don’t Hold Odors And Are Easy to Clean

Another great thing about a reusable silicone bag or bowl is that silicone doesn’t stain or carry odors. Think of all the times that plastic containers have been stained in the dishwasher or inevitably have started to smell foul. Silicone doesn’t have the same issue and, even when a silicone container is in the dishwasher, it comes out clean and without smell or stain.

To this latter point, most silicone bowls are safe for the dishwasher and can withstand those temperatures as well.

Where Can You Buy Reusable Silicone Bowls And Bags

About how to use a reusable silicone bowl or bag, it’s fairly easy. They work just like plastic bowls and bags except for the details above. They are a highly dynamic material and for those wondering, very, very safe. In fact, silicone rubber does not have any reaction with food or beverages and does not produce any hazardous fumes. You can put food-grade silicone in the oven and don’t have to worry about any chemicals leeching into the food.

The only thing to make sure of is that it’s food-grade silicone. Anything less than food-grade silicone might not have the same characteristics in terms of being able to tolerate high temperatures.

Also, if it states clearly to not put a silicone bowl or bag in the oven, don’t ignore the recommendation. Some types of silicone bowls or bags might not be the same quality as other materials.

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