Jade v. Rose Quartz Roller – What’s Your Pick?

Jade and rose quartz facial rollers are a beauty influencer’s dream. From Instagram to top Hollywood celebs, facial rollers are the cosmetic industry’s newest tool in combating skin imperfections.

Benefits of a Facial Roller

A facial roller glides across the face in specific motions, starting from the neck and moving upwards.

Facial roller benefits range from those that are instant in nature and then, more long-term perks with extended use.

  • Tighten and tone face muscles
  • Promote lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • Cover up fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase circulation through deep stimulation
  • Tighten pores naturally with cold crystals like jade and rose quartz
  • Better absorb skincare products


Jade Roller v. Rose Quartz Roller

When selecting a facial roller, each comes with a stone. Every stone will encourage microcirculation and provide benefits. The stone you choose, however, has consequences.

Here is a brief overview of the two most popular facial roller types – jade and rose quartz.

Studying history, you will see how jade and rose quartz have been in use for centuries as healing crystals.

Jade symbolizes longevity and grace. It is used in ancient remedies and is a stone frequently included on dressing tables.

Rose quartz, comparatively, is a stone of love and healing. It is believed to help ground one’s emotions.

Both have therapeutic and cosmetic benefits, beyond being pleasing to the touch. Jade and rose quartz are crystals sought after by reflexologists and acupuncturists as must-have rollers. Consider Thera Crystals Facial Roller , in stones like jade, quartz, and agate. You won’t find a better stone facial roller anywhere.


Why A Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose quartz contains minerals like silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium, and oxygen. Rose quartz remains cool to the touch even upon contact with the skin, unlike jade which is a more adaptive stone. 

Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Why A Jade Facial Roller

Jade is a softer stone and has been reported by some as feeling smoother on the skin. Jade’s spiritual meaning is one of purity and purification. It protects and supports. It attracts love, nourishment, and gentleness.

Thera Crystals™ Green Aventurine Jade Facial Roller


Where to Buy Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers in Canada

Lierre.ca offers an excellent source for jade rollers and rose quartz rollers in Canada, find the same products you’re seeing on Instagram being used by your favourite accounts. From beauty gurus to influencers, bloggers, and celebrities, these rollers have found their way into the hands of many interested parties.


Whether jade or rose quartz is the crystal that speaks to you, pick up yours today at Lierre.ca. A one-time purchase that repays again and again for as long as you use it. Clear away wrinkles, imperfections, and increase circulation with an all-natural product. Visit Lierre.ca.


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