How to Help Your Child Get Used to Wearing A Face Mask

Face masks have been shown to slow the spread of COVID-19. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made it so that now even children are being required to adopt face masks in public.

From a child’s perspective, they may not fully understand why wearing a face mask is so important.

To them, it may be something strange, scary, or that seems to lack usefulness. Combative kids may also simply choose to be contrary and refuse to wear one.

As a parent, ensuring your child is wearing a reusable kid’s face mask is key to keeping them protected when they are at school, out in public, and around other children or families in the community.


Use Simple Explanations

If your child doesn’t understand why face masks are being worn or doesn’t agree with the importance, explain it to them.

Use simple words. Let them know why others are wearing face masks. Advise them on the real changes that face masks are making. Use news articles, if possible, to show examples of how masks have minimized the spread of COVID-19.


Let Them Ask Questions

When you provide a kids’ cloth face mask, allow your child to ask questions. Empower them. Answer their curiosities.

When a child feels heard and supported, and they come to understand face masks from their perspective as opposed to yours, that’s when it makes sense. If they’re uneasy about masks, provide them comfort. Put them at ease.


Show Them People They Look Up To

Another way to help your child feel comfortable wearing a face mask is to show them their favourite people wearing them.

Look at celebrities’ Instagram pages or search out videos of people they look up to talking about coronavirus and face masks. There’s a lot of content out there from people from all walks of life supporting face mask use.

If they get the message from a different source, they make ‘hear it’ more clearly.


Give Kids Time to Understand

Forcing a child to wear a face mask is not always going to have the right effect. Force isn’t the approach to take.

Once you’ve shown them a little bit about how face masks work and why they are worn, give them time.

If possible, provide them a Happy Kids Triple-Layer Organic Mask and give them time to get used to it.

Happy Kids Triple-Layer Organic Mask 2/Pack

Children need time to look, watch, process, and come to their own understanding of what’s happening in the world. This will work in your favor, more often than not. In wearing face masks, children aren’t stupid. They may just need to come to it in their own time.

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