How to Do Strength Training With Resistance Bands At-Home

The gym is where the best strength training happens. Arguably. We can’t resist the obvious advantages of resistance bands though. Light and easy to bring with you if you travel a lot, resistance bands are your next best choice when strength training.

That said, as portable and affordable and advantageous as resistance bands are, they aren’t perfect. You aren’t going to be able to crank out the same workout you can with weights and machines. You’ve got to adapt. When you do though, the results are excellent.

Can You Do Strength Training with Resistance Bands?

Strength training with resistance bands should involve exercises that replace what you would engage in with free weights or machines.

Barbell and dumbbell exercises are easy to mimic with Lierre heavy resistance bands. Unfortunately, power lifts and kettle bell moves are more difficult to re-interpret with bands.

Lierre Heavy Resistance Bands

The limitation to using resistance bands are that they will only provide a certain amount of resistance. If you are a heavy-duty weightlifter, it’s common to find resistance bands aren’t challenging enough.

Are TheraBand Resistance Bands Good for Strength Training?

TheraBand resistance bands are one of the best types in this category of home workout accessories.

TheraBand Professional Resistance Band Loop

They are high-quality, can be used again and again without any breaking, and offer all the resistance you need in challenging your muscles.

How to start strength training with resistance bands is to write out a routine. Aim to work major muscle groups twice a week minimum. That’s 1-2 sets of each exercise at 8-12 repetitions each. Muscles you work should have 24 hours of rest before being worked on again.

The five major muscle groups to work from are your back, chest, legs, shoulders, and arms.

For your back, you’ve got pull-downs and seated rows. Your arms and shoulders can be challenged with resistance bands on bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, front raises, and lateral raises. Meanwhile, chest presses and push-ups will work your chest. Lastly, common leg resistance exercises include resistance-band squats and lunges.

Where to Buy Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

For strength training – whether you’re a beginner or a skilled lifter – you want quality heavy-duty resistance bands.

In Canada, resistance bands from Lierre are referred to as some of the best. Lierre resistance bands are made from premium materials. They won’t crack or break on you. They’re built to last.

There are no excuses anymore. Working out at home or in your hotel room is simple and easy. When you don’t have access to the fitness equipment you normally would, grab your resistance bands and get to work.

Combined with select yoga movements and bodyweight exercises, you have plenty of strength training opportunities at your feet. Compact, portable, and easy-to-learn, find resistance bands today from

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