What is Cork Yoga Mat and Why Is It the Best?

What is Cork Yoga Mat and Why Is It the Best?

Health is the most important thing for a human being. As people pay more attention to health problems, they start to try various ways to increase the chance of getting exercises. For example, some choose to go out and take a yoga class while some choose to stay at home and do exercises by follow the fitness bloggers. Nevertheless, regardless of which type you are, you might need a yoga mat for your exercises. Now the question becomes, which yoga mat should I choose?

Which yoga mat should I choose?

There are many types of yoga mat for you. Differentiation by materials, you can choose natural rubber yoga mat, TPE yoga mat, PVC yoga mat, NBR yoga mat, Jute Yoga mat, Cork yoga mat, EVA yoga mat, cotton yoga mat and wool yoga mat. According to the differences among yoga mats' materials, yoga mat prices are also different. 

Our most recommended choice is cork yoga mat. It is the most eco-friendly but highly-performed yoga mats in the market. If you’re new to the world of using cork as a material to make yoga mats from, there’s a lot to know.

What is Cork Yoga Mat?

Cork is a surprisingly comfortable and stable natural material which is made from the cortex of the oak tree. It is a renewable resource that does not cause damage in trees during its harvesting. Moreover, it is also environmentally-sustainable and safe to use. Cork yoga mats are usually have one side made of cork and the other side made from other material in order to make the mats non-slippery on the floor. 

Rest assured that a cork yoga mat will provide the performance you desire with no-slip moisture resistance. You will be able to hold your feet in place, battle back against easy-to-spread bacteria, and it is easy to roll up for storage.

What Are the Benefits of Cork Yoga Mat?

  • Cork is non-toxic. Cork is preferred over PVC and recycled rubber, and is favuored over natural alternatives a la cotton and jute.
  • Cork is antibacterial. The natural chemical structure of cork makes it antibacterial. As a yoga mat, cork requires a lot less maintenance and can stay clean for a longer time compared to other materials.
  • Cork is made from bark. Procuring cork doesn’t mean chopping down a tree. It is a product made from bark. These trees regrow this bark and thrive in nature. Cork may be the most sustainable material resource yoga has.
  • Cork is water-resistant. Cork repels water molecules which helps to keep them dry in exercises and poses that are generating tons upon tons of sweat. All in all, a yoga mat like this is built with a material that protects itself from moisture-related damage.
  • Cork grips well. Cork naturally grips excessively well which ensures you won’t be slipping around or risking injury by adjusting to a new material. A yoga mat design is relatively basic, all things considered. Stability is very important though.
  • Cork smells great. Though some people dislike the smell, others truly love it. Cork momentarily smells like a natural wood. This does fade over time so not to worry in case you’re not interested in it.

At last, there are many types of yoga mat to choose, but cork yoga mat might be the best one for you. Cork yoga mat is eco-friendly, water-resistant, and non-toxic. The renewable resource does not cause damage in trees during its harvesting.


If you are concerning your health, do not hesitate to find the place of doing yoga near you, grab your cork yoga mat and start your healthy life! Find trendy environmentally-sustainable cork yoga mats from Lierre.ca with top-quality comfort and stability prioritized. If you’re serious about yoga and buying eco-friendly materials, cork has got to be the #1 choice in yoga mats. 

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