Who Should Use Resistance Bands

Who knew you could get so much benefit from simple straps of stretchable rubber – this is resistance.

Resistance bands are color-coded stretchable bands, each assigned a different intensity level. They are used often in combination with bodyweight exercises to increase difficulty and subsequently improve form.

If you’re used to using machines, dumbbells, barbells, and free weights, you may not be excessively excited seeing resistance bands. After all, they don’t look like much. Don’t let their image fool you. They can contribute a lot to your workout.

How Do Resistance Bands Work?

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Resistance bands cause your muscles to work while shortening and lengthening, lifting and lowering, and pushing and pulling.

If your primary objective is to get stronger, resistance bands are a fine way to get there.

You will be training your muscles in ways that a machine or free weight can’t. You’re working harder but without the risks that come with increasing weight or reps.

A lot of resistance bands work is very controlled and zeroes in on functional strength training. Strength training with bands delivers results predominantly by training muscle groups working together rather than individual muscles.

Many different resistance band workout plans exist, with a lot of them focusing on rotations, pulling, pushing, and diagonal movements. Most of these exercises mimic in part day-to-day activities.

All exercises should be performed slow and controlled. Concentrate on aligning the body, contracting the core abdominals, and getting the form right. Do not go beyond the sets or repetitions that have been prescribed by a workout plan or physiotherapy professional.

Who Should Use Resistance Bands?

There are a lot of people that are great fits for resistance bands.

If you’re coming back from an injury, it can be not only intimidating getting back to your usual routine but also dangerous if you come back too early or too hard.

Please, if you’re rehabilitating an injury, avoid the heavier weights and go straight to resistance bands. You will regain muscle strength, correct any imbalances that may be present, and prevent re-injury.

If you have mobility issues or chronic health issues relating to specific areas of your frame, resistance bands may be what you’re likely looking for to get started on an exercise routine. Here are some benefits of resistance bands to weigh:

  • Correct muscle weakness.
  • Correct muscle imbalance.
  • Improve posture and form during workouts.
  • Re-strengthen joints that have been weakened or sprained.
  • Re-gain strength post-surgery after treatments such as joint arthroscopy, knee replacement, hip replacement, or rotator cuff repair.
  • Improve balance.
  • Improve hip control.
  • Stabilize hyper-mobile joints.
  • Strengthen your core.

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