Tips to Help You Get the Most Gua Sha Benefits

Dozens of benefits to gua sha are being shared every day on Instagram, YouTube, and by the world’s biggest beauty brands.

To get the most from your gua sha tools, here are some fast and easy tips to maximize those benefits.

Use Gentle Pressure

Full-body gua sha is one thing. When you’re using a gua sha facial tool on your face, apply pressure that’s firm but also gentle. There shouldn’t be any irritation or pain as you’re doing it.

Apply Product Before

The act of performing gua sha is similar to giving yourself a facial massage. If you have serums, moisturizers, or other skincare products you intend to apply on the day of a treatment, put them on beforehand. Then, when you come to do the gua sha, it will aid in getting those products deeper into the skin.


Use At Least Once A Day

You get the most benefits through continued use. This means doing a gua sha treatment every day. Incorporate it into your morning or evening skincare regimen, or even both. This will ensure your skin’s receiving ongoing attention.

Always Use Upward Motions

A gua sha face tool is meant to be used from down to up. Just like any sort of facial massage or applying a beauty treatment product, you want to stroke areas up and outwards. This moves blood flow in the right direction and will help drain your lymphatic system.

Start At Your Clavicle and Move Up

Performing gua sha, you want to start in upward motions at your clavicle to your chin. Then, go up and out along the jawline. Move over the cheekbones. Lastly, go from the center of your forehead to your hairline.

Gua Sha Under-Eye Treatment

You can take care of a lot of under-eye issues with gua sha crystal tools, however, not by traditional treatment means. After all, this is very delicate skin. You don’t want to be digging into it. Instead, store the stone in your fridge and get it cold. Then, apply it like a cucumber under your eye. It will ease out any sort of tiredness in this part of your face in a matter of minutes.

Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Rosebud Eye Treatment Tools

Choose the Right Gua Sha Stone

It’s worth doing some research into what gua sha stone is best for you. There are some excellent options out there. Clear quartz is a healing stone, known to promote positive energy while eliminating the negative. Alternatively, there’s rose quartz which is a crystal that’s known to promote healthy heart function, optimism, and is an international symbol of love. There are numerous others.

Start your journey with gua sha today at Do a treatment at least once a day and see the changes in real-time! 

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