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We can’t all afford a face lift. If you want to look younger, hotter, and have skin that’s ever so flawless, the ancient Chinese art of gua sha may be the closest thing we have to an all-natural chemical-free face lift.

What are gua sha facial tools?

You may have heard of gua sha, as shared on Instagram and social media. Typically made from jade or rose quartz crystals, they are formed into smooth curved pieces. These are then used according to the tenants of this traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Using gua sha facial tools, the skin is gently scraped. This intentionally creates therapeutic petachiae, coming in the form of bruising. To do this, obviously, one has to be very careful. The shape and style of the tool must also be accurate.

Have you ever used a crystal jade facial roller to run over your face? A gua sha facial is similar. Brighter, healthier skin is waiting to be found. You’ve just got to get that blood circulating and lymph nodes draining. Gua sha techniques promise exactly that and more, helping to relieve some person’s jaw pain and even alleviating headaches in some people.

Does gua sha facial tools work?

If you use your gua sha massage tools correctly, you’ll find out rather quickly the reason why they’re so popular on Instagram is because they work. You will want to scrape in an upward motion, in a single long stroke. Use your gua sha tool to go up and out.

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Where to start with gua sha facial treatment is to place the flat side at the base of the neck, moving it upwards at a 45-degree angle to the face. This sort of approach is to be repeated, slowly moving across your face from top to bottom. Please note a little oil on the face prior to applying your gua sha tool does tend to help quite a bit with keeping you comfortable.

Gua sha facial tools have been used for a wide array of uses, including reflexology and gua sha cellulite. They continue to gain traction on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other beauty and health platforms because they’re an inexpensive, simple skin treatment that can produce the same results as far riskier, more expensive treatments.

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