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Gua Sha has been recognized as an effective way to stimulate blood circulation under the skin and release muscle tensions. Gua sha tools play an essential part in this kind of therapy besides the technique and additional effective massage oil, gel or lotion. Resources from books and the Intenet tells a lot about theories and knowledge about Gua Sha, but until er receive a Gua Sha therapy do we gain a relatively complete understanding about what is used in Gua Sha, what kind of treatment of Gua Sha, how painful and what outcomes will bring by the therapy. 


What are Gua Sha and Gua Sha tools? 

The human body resembles the operation of machines. Activities of main and collateral channels moderate the body’s every operation smoothly. However, sometimes blockings may happen in these channels, so Gua Sha would be an effective way to dredge by pressing and scraping the surface of the skin with intensive pressure. Stones can be a perfect and hard enough tool to push strongly and irritate subcutaneous issues. Besides, hones and stainless metal can also be used to do Gua Sha treatment. Hard material can reach deeper under the skin. Studies show that good body merely can not build good health, while it should cooperate with the mind. Gua Sha as an alternative medical treatment can not only take away the uncomfortable feelings coming from the body but also help create a conversation between mind and body.   


Jade Gua Sha Tools

It is said that jade stone can attract good luck and fortune, and jade is a symbol of serenity and purity. The colour of green always can bring a sense of appreciation for nature. Every piece of Jade Gua Sha from Lierre is unique, the colour might be slightly different. Besides, the Ultra nice touch feeling will never hurt your skin. There are 8 shapes of Jade Gua Sha available in the online store, satisfying each part of the body to have a Gua Sha treatment. 


Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tools 

The pink colour is a symbol for cosy and harmony lifestyle. The rose stone stands for universal and unconditional love, which means the person who likes Rose Quartz stone are usually love giver as well as the receiver. 7 shapes of Rose Quartz Gua Sha stones, for example, wing shape, heart shape, Yin yang, S shape and so forth are available online and they can be perfect Christmas gifts for your intimates! 


The techniques of Gua Sha 

Despite acupuncture, Gua Sha is another representation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). A qualified Gua Sha practitioner looks close about the sha, which usually appear like red bruises on the skin. Different dark degree of the sha implies the degree of the issue of the body. It was recommendable to receive Gua Sha treatment conducted by professionals because the direction and pressure matter a lot to release specific symptoms. However, current studies show that Gua Sha can be done at home as long as following authoritative guidance and using appropriate tools. More and more people nowadays tend to do Gua Sha massage at home by selves. Shop at to know more about the technique from the blogs and find desirable Gua Sha tools. 

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