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Now Gua Sha scraping, the ancient Chinese beauty tradition, is trending in the health and beauty community. This expansion in popularity is due to the intriguing benefits of alternative medicine these days. Here at, we were wondering if the effects of gua sha is really effective. Read below my experience with Gua Sha.

Gua sha is broken in two words: gua, the tool to scrape the skin, and sha, the redness that appears from the scraping. Tools like horn, stone, and jade were first used to scrape the skin and alleged benefits of gua sha include increased micro circulation and improved respiratory function.

The first week 

What is important for gua sha to be effective is like every diet , routine or sport: You have to be consistent to see results. I started to rub my gua sha tool on my face, my back and my neck. For my face, I combined the exercise with Rosehip essential oil from Divine Essence. I repeated the treatment on these body parts around 3 to 4 times the first week. On my back and my neck, I saw immediately the results. The muscles tensions I had on my back and my neck were remove. I felt like I was also going more frequently at the restroom. Someone told me it is due to my lymphatic drainage and my blood circulation. In fact, gua sha encourages blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Finally, whenever I had a headache, I applied my crystal gua sha tool and it instantly removed it! For my face, I saw result within a month. 

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The first month

 I really started to see the results of gua sha treatment on my face after 2-3 weeks. My skin felt softer and brighter. My skin elasticity was also better. I feel like my skin tone is now more even than ever. Moreover, the combination with the beauty essential oil from kept my skin moisturize. My pores also felt tighten and my skin is not as puffy on morning as before. It is sure that I am not able to measure the anti-aging effect since I do not have many wrinkles. To continue to body parts, the effect are pretty the same as the first week. Now, I use my gua sha tool to remove soreness after the gym and any muscular tension. Three words: I. AM. OBSESSED. 

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