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It’s Thanksgiving- the season we all settle in to reflect on our blessings. Thanksgiving isn’t all about the gifts like Christmas, but we still like to please our loved one with kind words and/or little gifts. This usually includes our kid’s teachers, who put so much time, effort and love into growing our children. If you are currently searching for Thanksgiving gift ideas for your kid’s teacher, you should definitively read this article!

1. The classic gift: Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Carved Apple Statue

Thanksgiving gift idea lierre

Since a long time, we’ve been giving our teachers apples. Where does this tradition come from? Apples maintain the enduring symbolism for knowledge. Back in the days, the gift of an apple remained as a token of appreciation or, some might say, a salary bonus. This Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful differently. This hand carved pink quartz with a studded alloy stem makes an excellent paper weight for teachers. According to crystal healing therapy, rose quartz is the stone of spiritual expansion and intuitive development. It has a powerful and versatile energy that can increase positives thoughts in any situation: it promotes unconditional love, forgiveness, peace and compassion. We are pretty sure your teacher will adore it!

2. The original gift: Basd body lotion in creme brulee

Thanksgiving gift idea for professor lierre

This plant-based lotion is formulated with five moisturizers (organic aloe vera juice, organic sunflower seed oil, organic cocoa butter, organic virgin coconut oil and shea butter) leave skin feeling nourished from head to toes. People who uses it every day have seen their skin been firmer and the appearance of stretch marks and scarring was reduced. Also, this product does not contain any paraben or toxin and it is cruelty-free. The perfect thanksgiving gift for a thoughtful professor.

3. The relaxing gift: Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier

Thanksgiving gift idea shop lierre

Handling a class full of excited kids can be really stressful – that’s why we thought this essential oil diffuser was a great Thanksgiving gift for teachers! Both students and teachers can benefit this diffuser in class. Lavender essential oil can relax everyone after the lunch time. Moreover, pink grapefruit essential oil can stimulate the kids and the teachers to work heavy on a Monday morning!  You can’t be wrong with this gift; everybody like the smell and the benefits of essential oils.

4. The useful gift: LED Light Box Bubble Speech

Thanksgiving gift ideas shop lierre

This is a 2 for 1 gift; teachers will be able to make funny/useful announcements on this light bubble dashboard and kids will enjoy writing and coloring on it. This gift can have many purposes like set reminders, suggestions, post-it notes or a board of wise kids. The LED Light Box Bubble Speech comes with a USB cable, 8 markers with erasers and A4 size stencils letters. This useful Thanksgiving gift ideas will please the most disorganized teacher!

5. The ecologic gift: Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws

Thanksgiving gift ideas shop lierre

These days, we are more and more aware of the environment urgent situation. We have to change the way we are consuming and how we are consuming. In fact, it is impossible to correct every bad habit we form in a day, but we can make little steps every day to reduce our waste and the negative impact of plastics. These durable silicone straws are easy to clean and come in a pack of 4 pieces: 2 straight and 2 bent drinking straws. If your kid’s teacher is an environment freak; these straws are the perfect gift!

What are you waiting for? Get your Thanksgiving gift now! If you are not sure about the item we suggested in this article our website has a wide selection of products that can satisfy the most difficult teacher!


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