Thanksgiving Gift Guide Lierre Canada

Looking for gift ideas for your host or hostess on Thanksgiving? We put together a list of five things your host or hostess will be thankful for to receive on Thanksgiving. If they love health and wellness or eco-friendly products, then this guide is a great way to get some ideas and get shopping!

1. Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap

If your host/hostess is environmentally friendly and conscious of their waste, gifting them Abeego food wrap is a great way to help them preserve leftovers for the week ahead!

Abeego Variety Beeswax Food Wrap set Lierre Canada

2. Cinema Light Box

If your friends and family love to take pictures together during the holiday season, liven things up with a cinema light box from! Get creative with your sayings and take the best thanksgiving photos this year! This is a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to write sayings or quotes and change it up every day.

Cinema Light Box pack from Lierre Canada

3. Diffuser and Essential Oil set

After a long day of eating during Thanksgiving, unwind and enjoy the time spent with family or friends with a diffuser and your favourite essential oils. Diffusing light and refreshing scents can help change the air, improve your mood, and make you feel grateful, refreshed and energized after a delicious meal. 


Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Dark Grain Lierre Canada Delightful Essential Oil Trio: Lavender, Sweet Orange and Rosemary Organic DIVINE ESSENCE



4. Reusable Silicone Straws

A great way to help your guests feel grateful for the planet they live on and continue to be environmentally friendly is by gifting them reusable silicone straws! Not using plastic straws is a current trend that everyone is partaking in, and these silicone straws can encourage guests to be eco-friendly in a fun way.

Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws (4pcs) Lierre Canada

5. Teas

After a delicious and comforting meal, there's no better way to relax with family or friends than with a warm cup of tea and a yummy dessert. Supply your guests with the tastiest teas from Choose from soothing blends like green, black, white, and Tie Guanyin tea

White Tea (An Ji Tea) Sri Lanka Black Tea 



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