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How to Use a Massage Gun?

As people pay more attention to health issues, many of them start to do exercises in order to keep fit. However, excess amount of exercises and inappropriate movements could lead to shin splints, muscle cramps, and muscle spasms. With the development of technology, people have a new tool called massage gun to relieve pain. 

What is massage Gun?

Massage gun is a portable, handheld devices that looks like a power drill. Most of the massage guns need a rechargeable battery, and they usually come with interchangeable attachments. 

What is massage gun used for?

A massage gun is the perfect solution for dealing with tiredness, stress, and pain. The reason is massage gun uses a specific method called "Percussion Therapy". It reaches and treats deep muscle tissues in a more aggressive way than other forms of rehabilitation. Additionally, it can be used for improving strength, flexibility, and performance. A lot of massage therapists use it particularly for athletic recovery and rehabilitation.

How does massage gun work?

The massage gun works by repeatedly applying intense and fast pulses of pressure to muscles in a rapid motion to deliver percussion therapy. This helps to reduce soreness, lower pain, and is most effective post-exercise. For your information, the best time to use a massage gun is within an hour or two of completing a strenuous exercise.

How to use a massage gun?

People can use a massage gun before and after workouts. Here are several tips for you to use a massage gun: 

  • You can use a massage gun whenever you want to relieve muscle tension
  • To use a massage gun effectively, find an area on your body part where feels tight, and move the gun over the bulk of the muscle
  • Add pressure as tolerated, not add it too aggressively
  • Stay in one spot for up to 15 seconds or sweep an area for 2 minutes
  • Stay away from bony areas
  • Avoid going over the area of acute pain or injury
  • The goal of using a massage gun is to relax and feel better instead of suffer
  • If there’s an area of stiffness or pain, don’t start in the centre. Instead work a few inches away and then, move closer inwards.
  • Do not put any pressure on the massage gun, it can be simply glided across the skin. If you feel discomfort, go slow and adjust the pressure. 

    Please notice that if you have an injury, you need to check with a physical therapist before using a massage gun. And if you have nerve sensitivity, deep vein thrombosis, or you are pregnant, you also need to consult with your doctor before using a massage gun. 

    How to choose a massage gun?

    Massage guns aren't cheap, in fact, a high-end massage gun can go for upwards of $300 or more. Thus, it is important to evaluate and choose a right massage gun. Here are some advices for you:

    • Consider how heavy and how large you want your massage gun to be, and which muscle you will use it on
    • Check if the massage gun comes with different attachments to help you hit the spots that are hard to reach
    • Check if the massage gun has different settings from gentle percussive movements to intense percussive movements
    • Pay attention to the noise of the massage, it is better to pick the guns that are quiet
    • The best way to start using a massage gun is to use a low intensity setting and then, moving towards a higher intensity level. This is to ease and warm up the muscle.

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