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You may see the term ‘massage bolster’ and think, what’s that? Massage therapists use supplies like bolsters all the time to enhance their practice and provide the comfiest experience for the client.

shop massage supplies at in canada

Why Massage Bolster are Important

A bolster is essentially a cushion to elevate a part of the body on a patient. They are used in massage therapy but also, yoga practices. They can help re-position the body in a more comfortable position, allowing a therapist to do what they do without sacrificing the patient’s enjoyment.

Massage bolsters can be pads or cushions that make it easier to manipulate a patient’s body while providing treatment. The areas of the body where massage boosters are used most is in the head, neck, or back. They are commonly provided to people who have an injury or some sense of discomfort.

Professional-grade bolsters can amplify the possibilities of massage therapy. The average bolster’s roughly the size of a regular massage table, coming in sizes of 28 to 32 inches. This of course depends on the style of bolster and the brand one buys. They are usually made from a vinyl or leather, which helps to stem off massage oil stains. You can find them in a variety of shapes as well, including round, in half-round, and in wedge varieties


How do you pick a massage bolster?

In using these massage cushions, a patient may require multiples to get comfortable. How to position a bolster depends on the patient. A bolster under the feet is most common, as a patient lies on their belly. A bolster placed underneath the knees as a patient lies on their back also minimizes strain on the lower back and legs. Some patients may believe a bolster’s too hard for them, particularly in the case of pregnant women. If this tends to be the case, you may wish to use a softer, regular pillow.

So how do you pick a massage bolster? Well, like any massage table supports, you want something made from quality, from a reliable brand, and that’s relatively soft. You do want a variety of shapes in your bolster collection as well. You never know what you might need to use when treating a patient so you want some options in terms of shape and size. Another way to choose a massage bolster is to try it yourself. Make sure it works like you want it to and it does the trick.

A massage bolster should spread weight and alleviate strain. Find a variety of massage table supports, bolsters, and more at You won’t have any trouble picking a booster and getting it sent to your office’s front door. We are your one-stop shop for massage supplies. Check today for a shopping experience that’s easy, simple, and lovable!

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