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Acute or chronic fatigue affects a lot of Canadians on a daily basis. Some people choose to adjust their coffee and caffeine intake as a means of boosting their energy levels but this does not always work. Once the coffee has become a part of the daily drink, gradually it will not have a great effect to make people stay awake. There are some people who are not as energetic as early waking up in the morning. It is hard to explain or diagnose the reasons causing fatigue, but we should try best to find cures to help escape from fatigue to some extent. 

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An all-natural way to boost your energy, keep your energy up long-term without side effects, and ease away that fatigue is moxa sticks. A simple ten-minute treatment is all you need to give yourself energy every day. Performed daily or regularly and you’ll notice after a few days that the common fatigue you’ve been struggling with is gone. Before being a moxa practitioner, you may have a bunch of confusion about what makes of moxa and how to use moxa by yourself at home or do you need someone else to do the moxa therapy for you. Therefore, let’s discover the secret about moxa. 


How smokeless moxa works is by targeting specific acupuncture points on the body and heat the points to boost blood and Qi circulation. Across the whole body, there are points that when stimulated help to open up energy channels and increases the movement of qi. When your energy level is low, according to traditional Chinese medicine, it is because these energy pathways are either blocked or that existing qi is low. However, not all tools that can generate heat will work on points on the body. It is the specific plant called Ai inside that make moxa has medical use.     

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The points you want to target with your moxa massage are known as akabane points. They’re located on the fingers and toes. Take your moxa stick and open up these points. As these acupuncture points are stimulated, hormones are released and neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and others are pushed into the body. The nervous system will power down, calm, energize itself, and relax.


In order to stimulate these points to ease fatigue, you need what is called moxa sticks or moxa rolls. Evidently, you may be asking yourself, what is moxa rolls? Well, they are dried mugwort. They’re burned over or directly on particular points of the body to initiate an internal healing response. Also known as moxibustion, this process is used for various ailments and has been adapted into North American culture in the last few decades.


If you’re unsure where, to begin with, your tiger warmer or moxa sticks, here’s some advice. Heat your moxa until it is white-hot, ensure you’re settled in a comfy place before you get started, extinguish your moxa by rubbing it in a ceramic dish, and treat each finger and toe for thirty seconds each. Regarding the latter piece of advice, treatment should involve rotating your moxibustion in a circular motion close enough so that you feel the warmth but without touching. Also, there are quite a few moxa accessory tools to choose to have an effective moxa therapy. 

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Fatigue’s serious business. It can cut down on a lot of your personal and professional daily activities. Don’t let it. Resist the urge to go for a caffeine energy boost. You’ll eventually come down from it and you’ll be just as fatigued. Instead, go for moxa sticks. The best moxa sticks in Canada you can buy from  Use them daily and successfully treat your fatigue in a week or less. Get what you need today from

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