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Moxibustion is a technique from Ancient China that can complement treatment like acupuncture. This therapy includes burning of mugwort, a small and spongy herb, to facilitate healing. Lierre offers both new and traditional forms of moxa and moxa accessories. You will find different types of moxa sticks, both scented and unscented, smokeless and with smoke. Our accessories include tiger warmers, lion warmers, moxa plates, moxa extinguishers, cleaning brushes, and more. 

Moxa Rolls & Sticks

At, we offer moxa rolls and moxa sticks. Both are pretty the same, but the rolls are thicker than the sticks. There are smokeless moxa as well, so you can enjoy moxa without the smoke that normally comes with it. With moxa rolls and sticks, you can practiced indirect or direct moxibustion treatment. Moxibustion is known to

  • Increase Yang energies to maintain general health
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help calmness and relaxation

Stick-on Moxa

Stick-on moxa is primarily used for indirect moxibustion. You can hold the moxa cone or stick on moxibustion accessories or on acupuncture needles. In fact, acupoints will be heated through a hole in the center of the stick-on moxa base; while the surface of the skin remains protected when the moxa is lit. Stick-on moxa is used as a complementary therapy for acupuncture. 

Loose Moxa

Loose moxa is suitable for direct or semi-direct moxa treatment. It is used to warm acupuncture needles will improve effectiveness. Loose moxa is used for cone-making to burn directly on the skin or on a needle. The process of direct moxa is a specialized and intricate process that requires more experience in the domain than indirect moxa with moxa rolls or sticks. 
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Liquid Moxa

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