Your Ultimate Moxa Stick Guide

Moxibustion is the type of heat therapy where it uses the heat on specific acupuncture points by burning the herbs, traditional TCM practitioners have combined both acupuncture and moxibustion together to enhance the effectiveness of treatments. The benefits of Moxa therapy is characterized by its harmless and less risk where everyone can simply practice this at home. In the following, we will show you the simple steps how to use a moxa stick.

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How to use a moxa stick:

Step 1) You can simply light up the moxa stick on the tips with matches and candles, and once it’s burning, blow it gently so the burn will spread even on the surface.

Step 2) Once the moxa stick is burning, hold the burning end of moxa for around 1-2 inches and put it on the part of body where you want to be treated. Gently and slowly move around the moxa stick to warm up the treatment area, be careful not to burn yourself.

Step 3) Once you lit up your moxa stick, you will realized that every minute or so there will be ashes coated around the moxa, gently scrape the ashes and place that on dish. Please keep in mind that do not rap the stick against something hard otherwise it will knock off the ash, it might cause the crack to the moxa.

Step 4) Usually, the treatment takes approximately 10-20 mins, gently touch your skin to check it, your skin should be warm and the treatment area should turn the color from pink to reddish color.

5) The best way to keep the moxa standstill is by insert them into the sand or moxa snuffer, if the moxa develop an open crack, feel free to break the section or just throw away the whole stick, the reason is because the crack might cause chunk of burning moxa, which is dangerous if it falls off to your treatment area.

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