Why Choose Resistance Bands

The most common reason people choose to use resistance band is based on its portability. It is usually less than 1kg, but it provides the same or even better challenge than normal equipment in the gym. For strength building purpose, it requires more focus on the muscle contraction; For mobility improving, it works especially awesome on the joints; For rehabilitation, it proved already its uniqueness for aiding recovery; Nevertheless, for weight lifting, it works as assist tool for adding even more challenge.

There are three kinds of resistance bands: Tube Resistance bands, Loop Resistance bands, and Flat Resistance bands. For different type of resistance bands, the usages are also different. The Tube Resistance bands focus on longer extension and heavier exercise; The loop resistance bands focus on repetitive exercise; And the Flat Resistance Bands focus on fundamental exercise

For Flat Resistance bands, if you don't know how to choose between latex or fabric bands, Check Here.

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3 pieces resistance bands from lierre.ca with different sizes and colors. The resistance bands are designed to increase strength, to help to stretch ligaments and muscle in gym, clinic, at home, or at office. They are perfect on-the-go accessories to help achieve fitness.

Color-coded bands help users to choose the right one for full body workout. Alternative to costly gym equipment!


Resistance band is a simple fitness device to warm and work your muscles. If you do not have enough time to go to the gym, or you do not want to spend too much budget on fitness, resistance band sets are the most recommended choice for you.

As a set, it includes five different strength resistance bands, two handles, two ankle straps, and one door anchor. Adjustable resistance bands in different color: yellow (4.5 kg). ), red (6.8 kg.), blue (9.1 kg.), green (11.4 kg.), black (13.6 kg.), all exercise bands are 121.9 cm long, and can be used singly stacked in any combination for a maximum of 45.4 kg.

Lierre Resistance Tube Bands Set 10pcs
Fitness Resistance Band (Black)

Are you someone who needs to work on their flexibility? And missing the perfect tool for it? Well this is our new arrival, the Fitness Resistance band. Fitness Resistance band can be used pre, during and post workout, perfect for dancers, athletes, yoga sessions and even physical therapists. And also a good use at home! Nonetheless, this product has icons or patterns, to show you how to use the product.


Don't know how to use our resistance bands?

Try our 20 minute lower body work-out!

You can do it wherever at home or at gym!

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