Do You Know How Amazing Zheng Gu Shui is – Time to Stock Up on Black Friday!

Zheng gu shui is a highly rated traditional Chinese medicine therapy for pain and discomfort relating to strains, sprains, swelling, bruises, and more. An absolutely amazing form of TCM, it’s a shame it’s not more recognized in North America.

What is zheng gu shui?

Zheng gu shui is a traditional analgesic liniment that’s been used for a long time in Chinese cultures. It can be applied in a massage, used with a soaked cotton ball to treat a specific area, and is very popular among athletes and people prone to injury. Zheng gu shui is a way to relieve muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation to an area, and eliminate stagnancy. Up to three times a day, for some people, it’s helped keep them away from dangerous pharmaceuticals like opioids while helping them heal faster.

Zheng Gu Shui External Analgesic Healing Liniment 60ml

Why is Black Friday a good time to buy? 

Black Friday deals are all the rage right now. Black Friday hits November 29. Every corporate retailer from Walmart down to Best Buy are offering discounts – admittedly some better than others. The best Black Friday deals are usually focused on clothing or tech. What we’re talking about here though is self-care and self-pleasure. Do you want to buy for your living room or yourself? Obviously, you need to take care of yourself first. If you need to treat circulation problems, muscular tensions, or have arthritis pain or bruising, zheng gu shui works fast and most importantly, it works well. 

Zheng gu shui Black Friday sale 

Stock up on your zheng gu shui this Black Friday. Some sales have already kicked off but we’re holding back at because we’re still stocking up the warehouse. It’s going to be big. In fairness, this is one of our favourite sales holidays. Black Friday sales are great for yourself and stocking up on Christmas gifts. With zheng gu shui, it’s an opportunity to relieve pain related to things like fibromyalgia, arthritis, or general chronic pain. It is one of the best liniments out there, lessening the effects of joint and bone pain. 

Zheng Gu Shui External Analgesic Healing Liniment 60ml

Do you have chronic pain?

Pain is no laughing matter. Eventually, as we age, our bodies break down and we run into problems. Pain is just one of them but for some, it’s more debilitating than it is for others. Muscle pain, joint pain, nerve pain, any kind of pain. It’s tough to get around. Don’t let it debilitate you. Fight back and just try some zheng gu shui. Look at the reviews and you’ll find so many others sharing how amazing the experience of using it has been. Stock up come Black Friday and take your life back! 

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