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Have you heard of the crystal-infused water trend lately? It is no more than a see-through glass bottle with a gemstone inside to attract positive vibes and love. The concept of crystal-infused water comes from the office of Mane Addicts art director, Desirae Cherie when she was drinking from a bottle of shun gite water. In fact, Shungite is a rare metallic stone originated from Russia and it is believed to help detoxify and cleanse the body. Numerous studies have showed that this rare stone effectively filters and purifies water by removing free radicals (specifically the UV ray molecules) as well as contaminants such as oil and pesticides.

shop crystal infused elixir water bottle at lierre canada

You may wonder, is there even any difference to drinking water normally and crystal-infused? According to VitaJuwel USA CEO, Jan Eisen, he states that some people notice there is a slight change in the texture of the water, almost clearer and smoother as opposed to drinking the water normally. Some people even use gemstones for their tea and bath water. With good gemstones, it can help to improve water quality, neutralize harmful substances and increase the oxygen content and the overall energy balance. Tips to Make Your Own Crystal Infused Elixir Water If you do wish to create your own crystal-infused water, we recommend to search for quality gemstones, those who do not fall apart in the water, rust, dissolve nor that releases toxins when it is in contact with water. We strongly recommend people to do their own research when doing a DIY project. When it comes to choosing stones for your crystal elixirs, ask yourself which crystals appeal the most to you? Which ones are you the most drawn into and make you feel good? The most popular gemstones are the following for our crystal infused elixir water:  

  • Clear Quartz: a common crystal in healing
  • Rose Quartz: also known as the love stone
  • Amethyst: the helper of the third eye
  • Black Obsidian: representation of the reflection of oneself
Also, be sure to thoroughly rinse the crystals before putting it in your water. Whether you might not believe in the properties of these crystals, it is definitely hard to deny their enchanting beauty. Balance your body with the healing properties of natural quartz crystals, gemstones and minerals. Natural crystals are useful for meditation, Reiki and other forms of therapy, allowing you to develop a more personal engagement with healing. Every crystal can serve as a tool to harmonise your consciousness with your body. To see more crystal products, please visit
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